OptionRoom a user governed Oracle as a Service(OaaS) and forecast protocol built on Polkadot closes $200K seed round led by NGC Ventures followed by CMS Holdings, Spark Digital, Paka Fund, PNYX Ventures and NetZero Capital.

OptionRoom will be wrapping up a strategic investment round as the protocol looks forward to the TGE set for February.

NGC Ventures is one of the largest institutional investors of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and has been a key contributor to a number of leading blockchain projects. NGC will support with user acquisition and exposure in Asia.

CMS is a principal investment firm focused…

Dear community, we are announcing that the early supporters (Seed and Private Round) of the $ROOM will begin their next daily vesting schedule on the 5th of June together with the protocol launch.

Thank you for your continuous support ❤️

Follow us:

Website: https://www.optionroom.finance

Telegram: https://t.me/OptionRoom

Twitter: https://twitter.com/option_room

We are excited to announce the launch of our Closed Beta Program and share the latest development updates with our community.

During the past weeks, we have been working hard to deliver the OptionRoom protocol on time, we are excited to announce that we are ahead of schedule.

Summary ✨

  • Forecast market Beta version is finished
  • Closed Beta Testing Program launch, 20 testers with rewards to the tester who provide most valuable feedback on the OptionRoom Beta
  • Register to be one of 20 Closed Beta Testers HERE
  • Governance is currently under development: UI is completed, smart contracts are undergoing audits
  • Whitepaper and…

We are excited to announce a partnership with UNION. This partnership will allow OptionRoom to solve arbitration disputes of oracle requests via decentralized, community governance. This will allow Polkadot-based UNION claims to be settled via OptionRoom’s arbitration process. Additionally, OptionRoom’s incentivized network of experts, aligned via reputation (authenticity) scores, can help validate that specific events occurred on Polkadot relating to UNION protection pools. OptionRoom’s limitless event oracles also future-proof’s UNION protection suite as the line of real-world outcomes blurs with pure digital outcomes.

Here is what the CEO of OptionRoom has to say about the partnership:

“We are excited about…

COURT is the governance token of the OptionRoom ecosystem ultimately required for participating in protocol governance including forecast markets, resolution, protocol proposals, Oracle as a Service — OaaS, and future products in the OptionRoom ecosystem.

We have adjusted the COURT mechanics from the whitepaper creating a dynamic relationship between ROOM and COURT.

Governance rewards will be paid out in ROOM tokens making the COURT token supply deflationary in nature.


  • Initial supply: 0 COURT
  • Max supply: 40,000 COURT, maximum supply reached after 3 months
  • Farming period: 3 months starting from 13th of March
  • First 30 days give x2 COURT rewards
  • COURT…

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ChainSwap by AntiMatter to make the ROOM token cross-chain between ETH, HECO and BSC.

This will allow the ROOM token to be made cross-chain across ETH/HECO and BSC by the hybrid ChainSwap bridge. OptionRoom will be launching the ROOM token on BSC and HECO chains respectively.

  • The HECO/BSC ROOM token addresses will be announced in the upcoming days

How to transfer your ROOM tokens across chains

  • In detail guide will be published in the upcoming days

About ChainSwap

Fee-less cross-chain bridge for the masses made by AntiMatter

Twitter /Coingecko

About OptionRoom

OptionRoom is a user governed oracle and forecast protocol built on…

We are excited to announce that OptionRoom and API3 partner to use the OptionRoom Oracle as a data provider to the API3 ecosystem. API3 and OptionRoom will also explore avenues of collaboration around OptionRoom acting as an arbitration service for a future Polkadot-based API3.

With the help of the API3 team OptionRoom will be deploying an Airnode enabling access to the OptionRoom OaaS (Oracle as a Service) for all Airnode integrated blockchains. The OaaS will help fill the gaps of traditional oracles providing a wider range of data to blockchain projects. …

OptionRoom is delighted to announce a partnership with Bridge Mutual, with the use of its decentralized peer-to-peer discretionary coverage platform for digital assets.

Throughout this partnership, Bridge Mutual along with OptionRoom will support the appeal process by providing an impartial oracle to check denied claims, as a last resort for coverage seekers that believe their claims were unfairly denied, which gives them another chance for seeking coverage on Bridge Mutual in the fairest way by establishing an additional layer of trust.

In addition Bridge Mutual will provide coverage to the OptionRoom contracts in case of an unforeseen loss, which adds…

We are excited to announce our limited ROOM/ETH LP rewards program on Uniswap.


  • By participating in this program and providing liquidity you’ll earn 0.3% of all trading fees on the ROOM/ETH pair on Uniswap proportional to your stake in the pool in addition to the LP staking rewards dedicated for this limited program.
  • Since ROOM Uniswap listing 17 days ago, it has generated $601,000 in trading fees for liquidity providers, and is now held by 9,295 different wallets.
  • 40,000 ROOM tokens will be available as rewards over 30 days.
  • This LP Farming Program is a limited program before COURT Liquidity…

Due to the support of our enormous community we are launching a series of side features benefitting ROOM holders before the actual OptionRoom Prediction Markets and Oracle as a Service — (OaaS) go live.

Deflationary ROOM NFT staking is a side feature as a thank you for the support we received thus far.

We are launching 5 tiers of NFTs created for OptionRoom by RektmeRev.

Users can burn ROOM to obtain NFT’s. Previous tier NFT can then be burned together with more ROOM tokens to obtain a higher tier for a total of 5 tiers. A minimum of 150,000 ROOM…


OptionRoom — User governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot

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