OptionRoom January Development Update

2 min readFeb 1, 2022

As the first month of the new year comes into end we want to present the January development update!

Changes done up to latest build — Until Jan-31:

  • Allow multiple option markets. Previously we have had only binary markets which limited the choices and type of choices that can be included inside of the market.
  • New market logic structure. In the previous version the user would see how much he would gain from selling/buying from option without considering the liquidity. In this version UI logic will show you maximum suggested amount for buying selling given the liquidity available for the amount user asks for.
  • Multi token participation, participate with any BEP20 asset. No need to buy ROOM/BUSD anymore. Asset will be swapped on Pancakeswap.
  • Preparing protocol to be able to be built on top on. Every controller has their own aspect to work, controlling mechanisms.
  • Created interfaces, optimized code. Code is now more organized and takes less time to compile and deploy.
  • More data on chain, more decentralization. Used to offload market description and category in a centralized database, now everything is on chain except of market pictures.

Development status:

  • Migration to the latest protocol is done, now we support multi-option market creation (DONE)
  • Minified controller for all markets is introduced to remove code plotting (DONE)
  • Introduction of Manager contract, a contract that handles a lot of functionality instead of cramping all things inside of the controller contract. (Subject to extension on demand), this is a centralized way (One place of configurations, it’s still a smart contract ) to handle all of the configurations of the protocol. Any configurations to be added at the future extension should adhere to this contract. Most of our contracts extend this manager; which gives us the flexibility for managing and having references to the configurations. (DONE)
  • Most of our work deals with interfaces now (DONE)
  • Market Governance contract functionality is moved separately (DONE)
  • Introduced new way of buying and selling in markets (DONE)
  • Ability to buy market options via any supported tokens (DONE)


Market states: (Work in progress )

Reward center permissions (In progress)


Migration to new contracts (In progress)

We keep building




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