Bittrex Airdrop FAQs

2 min readNov 21, 2021

Our airdrop to community members who were holding $ROOM on Bittrex prior to the ChainSwap hack is taking place Sunday, November 21st. To address the most important questions we’ve been asked, we’ve compiled the following set of FAQs:

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Why is this Airdrop happening?

Following the exploit of our ERC-20 Token in the wake of the Chainswap hack, we launched a new BEP20 $ROOM token, which we are reimbursing to all former token holders on a 1:1 basis, to compensate for the malicious actions of the hacker and make our community whole again.

What was the situation on Bittrex following the hack?

Following the hack, there were certain individuals who bought $ROOM on Uniswap after we had withdrawn liquidity and the token had dropped in value, and transferred it to Bittrex to exploit a price disparity and resulting arbitrage opportunity

In a snapshot taken pre hack, there were roughly 150k $ROOM tokens on Bittrex — these belong to genuine holders and community members.

When we checked recently, there were over 1.5mil $ROOM — representing tokens bought after the hack

Who are you airdropping to, and why can’t you airdrop to everyone?

We are airdropping new tokens to people who were genuinely holding $ROOM tokens on Bittrex prior to the hack. If we airdropped to every wallet holding the over 1.5million $ROOM which are now on Bittrex, this would devalue the token and create an unfair situation for genuine token holders and legitimate victims of the hack

How are you determining who to airdrop to?

We’ve attempted to work with Bittrex to discern genuine & legitimate holders, which is verifiable using data of when tokens were deposited, however Bittrex is unable to provide this data on the grounds of user privacy issues.

Because of this, we’ve devised an alternative plan to rectify the situation: We’ll be looking into the token balances which have been withdrawn from Bittrex, and will be airdropping based on these.

We’ll be airdropping wallets starting with the smallest $ROOM balances, and working up until we’ve distributed the amount of tokens which were held on the exchange post hack. This gives us the largest statistical chance of recompensing genuine holders.

Are you able to disclose which wallet addresses you’ll be airdropping to?

Absolutely. Openness and transparency has always be paramount to us here at OptionRoom. We’ve compiled the following color coded list of wallet addresses outlining Bittrex token holders:

The green addresses correspond to uses whom our statistical analysis indicates as being genuine holders, and red addresses correspond to users who the analysis indicates as having bought tokens post-hack, in an attempt to exploit the situation. As such, we’ll be airdropping to all green wallets on the list, and not the red ones.

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We hope this article has gone some way towards shedding light on the situation, and helping our community understand our process and what is happening for the Bittrex airdrop. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly on Telegram:




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