OptionRoom March Development Update — (Mainnet launch)

Apr 1, 2022


We are glad to report the March development update.

Developments are as follows:

  • Mainnet is live on BSC testnet 👇🏽https://demo.optionroom.finance/markets
  • The code was refarctored after adding all the features mentioned in the previous updates.
  • The code passed the quality assurance tests and was deployed and tested on BSC testnet, and finally on the BSC mainnet
  • All the code will be made available on Github 2nd of April
  • Documentation will be updated by the end of first week of April

Contracts can be verified on chain at BSC scan and are as follows:

  • ORManager: 0xC376EBc40470DF887714c8443B4edCa2E71903c3
  • CourtStakeDummy: 0x92Ca8A811B70bDb0dec6FA3b17912AEA1Fe8ed55
  • ORMarketController: 0x2C4794f31c5f60d614cEe5b6E2dfeA8D71FFCd57
  • FixedProductMarketMaker: 0x034CAc6cca3149439e4c389Bac4BaA1a470768dd
  • RewardCenter: 0x47CFD5d7bb429f83C8eFae5B5905F4FC07b493D6
  • RewardProgram: 0xD6b20EE5fBc7ea90fbC45Bd60CAb02DDEAB25180
  • RoomOracle: 0x69275dDc82C2c210eB0eB2E736A8927dfBB8c76C
  • ORConditionalTokens: 0x400315400188C3F1e2F476776414569617b9a6b8
  • ORMarketGovernance: 0x4de4c3d1130366080D29bB050cb2D756dd017812
  • ORQuery: 0x1354dA2B5bADdE00de376aF32CD56095Df951486




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