OptionRoom December Development Update

We wish everyone a happy new year. With 2021 behind us we are ready for 2022.

December development update is as follows:

  • Rewriting of the protocol to support the following items: Markets with multi options, previously we only had the binary markets. Users will be able to create and participate in multi option markets.
  • Purchase market options with any token (Users will be able to open markets and participate with with any token that is BEP20).
  • Lottery system (more about this in an upcoming article.
  • Market options UI enhancements, users will be able to interact with buy and sell for options clearly.
  • Started studying possible DAO structure implementation.
  • Upgraded geo-block to more effectively block US citizens and restricted countries in preparation for main-net.

Previous article: Roadmap for Q1 2022

We will be releasing new updates on our progress in the near future, so do follow us on social media not to miss a thing!




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