OptionRoom February Development Update

2 min readMar 5, 2022

As the second month of the new year comes into end we want to present the January development update!

Changes done up to latest build — Until Feb-28:

  • UI revamp v1 — We have totally reworked and enhanced the market UI, the new UI is live on testnet and estimated to be finished and deployed to mainnet within the next two weeks.
  • Added possibility to add market liquidity with any token
  • Added possibility to remove liquidity to any token
  • Added possibility to purchase options with any token, and integrated with the new contracts from solidity.
  • Market options listing is being currently worked on.
  • Finishing up a simpler more intuitive UI version for selling options, allowing users to know clearly how much money they get via selling
  • Solidity contract for querying the markets has been added.
  • Testing code for all of the aspects of the solidity of the smart contracts are done, and we are on the way to add even more.
  • Market creation now supports multiple categories
  • Market creation supports multiple options

Deployment of new UI to mainnet should happen in the next two weeks.

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