Introducing COURT — OptionRoom’s governance token

COURT is the governance token of the OptionRoom ecosystem ultimately required for participating in protocol governance including forecast markets, resolution, protocol proposals, Oracle as a Service — OaaS, and future products in the OptionRoom ecosystem.

We have adjusted the COURT mechanics from the whitepaper creating a dynamic relationship between ROOM and COURT.

Governance rewards will be paid out in ROOM tokens making the COURT token supply deflationary in nature.


  • Initial supply: 0 COURT
  • Max supply: 40,000 COURT, maximum supply reached after 3 months
  • Farming period: 3 months starting from 13th of March
  • First 30 days give x2 COURT rewards
  • COURT becomes claimable 13 May


COURT will be farmable for 90 days starting 13th of March.

There will be two main pool strategies with the following COURT block distribution weight:

  • ROOM/ETH LP staking: 7/14
  • ROOM staking: 5/14

Additionally, OptionRoom has delegated two additional pools for ecosystem projects:

  • HT staking: 1/14
  • MATTER staking: 1/14

Deflationary in nature

After reaching the max supply of 40 000, COURT will be deflationary in nature. Dishonest protocol participants will be punished through a burn mechanism explained closer to forecast markets product launch in Q2.


  • 13th of March: COURT farming begins
  • 13th of April: x2 rewards end
  • 13th of May: COURT becomes trade-able. Uniswap listing, more details will be announced
  • End of May: COURT can be staked into governance for authenticity power
  • 11th of June: Farming stops, COURT reaches maximum supply of 40,000
  • End of May/early June: Governance & Forecast Markets product launch. COURT used to farm ROOM by actively participating in the protocol.




OptionRoom — User governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot

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OptionRoom — User governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot

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