COURT: OptionRoom Governance Token Mechanics

We are excited to announce the details of the OptionRoom governance token: COURT.

COURT tokens first become claimable and tradeable on 13 May 2:00 PM UTC. This article aims to explain the COURT token in detail.


  • COURT tokens will become claimable on the ETH network on 13th May at 2:00 PM UTC
  • COURT token will be listed on Pancakeswap on the 13th of May under the COURT/BUSD pair
  • COURT will be cross-chain between ETH and BSC using the ChainSwap bridge
  • Due to high ETH gas fees and feedback from our community, OptionRoom will deploy the governance module on Binance Smart Chain
  • The COURT token contract address on ETH is: 0x0538A9b4f4dcB0CB01A7fA34e17C0AC947c22553
  • The COURT token contract address on BSC is: 0x75dcb13c357983b6281bdcd57d2d6e66f8c6086a
  • COURT max supply is 40,000 as previously stated. Additionally, the OptionRoom team will mint 5,000 COURT tokens to be used as a governance emergency measure for the first 5 months. After 5 months all these COURT tokens will be burned permanently.

What is COURT?

COURT is the governance token of the OptionRoom ecosystem ultimately required for participating in protocol governance including forecast markets, resolution, protocol proposals, Oracle as a Service — OaaS, and future products in the OptionRoom ecosystem. Governance rewards will be paid out in ROOM tokens making the COURT token supply deflationary in nature.

COURT token metrics and listing details

  • COURT will be listed on PancakeSwap on the 13th of May 2:00 PM UTC
  • The listing price will be $200, initial total liquidity will be $200,000. Additional liquidity will be added based on redemption mechanics from HT and MATTER stakers. More about this below
  • Max supply: 40,000 COURT, maximum supply reached after 3 months (capped after 13 June)

After listening to the OptionRoom community feedback we decided to auction the COURT tokens for HT and MATTER stakers respectively. The community showed concerns that a large sum of the OptionRoom governance token is given away to other communities.

The earned COURT token for HT and MATTER stakers will be redeemable at $30 per COURT for MATTER stakers and at $100 per COURT for HT stakers.

Claiming procedure

To claim your COURT tokens enter:

COURT governance staking

By staking COURT into governance you gain governance rights and authenticity power. Individuals who curate and govern the OptionRoom protocol get rewarded in ROOM tokens.

To stake your COURT for governance rights and authenticity power in the OptionRoom ecosystem head over:

Click on Deposit Tokens and choose the COURT amount to be deposited

Timeline of upcoming features

  • 13th of May: COURT becomes trade-able. PancakeSwap listing at 13th of May 2:00 PM UTC
  • End of May: COURT can be staked into governance for authenticity power
  • 11th of June: Farming stops, COURT reaches maximum supply of 40,000
  • End of May/early June: Governance & Forecast Markets product launch. COURT used to farm ROOM by actively participating in the protocol.

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