OptionRoom a user governed Oracle as a Service(OaaS) and forecast protocol built on Polkadot closes $200K seed round led by NGC Ventures followed by CMS Holdings, Spark Digital, Paka Fund, PNYX Ventures and NetZero Capital.

OptionRoom will be wrapping up a strategic investment round as the protocol looks forward to…

Our airdrop to community members who were holding $ROOM on Bittrex prior to the ChainSwap hack is taking place Sunday, November 21st. To address the most important questions we’ve been asked, we’ve compiled the following set of FAQs:

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Why is this Airdrop happening?

Following the exploit of our ERC-20 Token in the…

What is the progress of the project, what is the team working on currently?

We’re currently beta testing v3 of our OptionRoom markets smart contracts. Once launched, these will provide an immense amount of additional functionality to our users, and will feature our best UX, user interface, platform performance, and accessibility to date.

We’re also working to optimize our markets contracts for integration into…


OptionRoom — User governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot

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